BravoTran Arrival Notice Manager

Automate and reconcile routine job updates.


Improve Accuracy

Data is automatically updated to your forwarding system, removing the chance for human error


Increase Efficiency

Eliminate repetitive arrival notice interruptions and data-entry requirements for your operators.


Streamline Operations

Ensure all of your key data is always updated, keeping your shipments on track.

BravoTran Arrival Notice Manager Features
Complete Automation

Lights-out processing. Handle Arrival Notices automatically, without the need for your operators to hunt for updates.

Detailed Data Extraction

Record your data. Capture all relevant fields, including ETAs, FIRMS code, IT number, voyage & vessel name, last free day and more—for all major carriers and consolidators.

Automatic Updates

Validate details. Compare updates with recorded data, flag discrepancies, and revise existing shipment data in your forwarding application directly.

Operator Notifications

Alert your team. Notification emails focus your team’s attention on major changes, not routine updates.

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