BravoTran Routing

Make manual document processing a thing of the past.


Reduce Costs and Distractions

Decrease labor costs and allow your team to focus on what matters—serving customers and moving freight.


Eliminate Errors

Leverage sophisticated RPA and AI technology to decrease human error.


Turbocharge Operations

Immediately process documents, instead of waiting for your team to dig them out of inboxes.

Routing Features
Document Intake

Eliminate document handling. Document submissions are read and organized—regardless of sender, file type, format, language or arrangement.

Intelligent Identification

Detect automatically. Document types (including custom types) are identified via sophisticated OCR and machine learning—not cumbersome templates.

Smart Assignment

Leave no document behind. All available references—e.g. BOL, container, voyage and invoice numbers—are used to assign documents to the right job.

Streamlined Workflow

Manage any exception. Exceptions are handled in real-time in a simple, reliable user interface designed for quick communication and resolution.




Give your team more time to move freight, not manage paperwork

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