Stop the Insanity

oct. 27, 2021BravoTran blog

Operations personnel at freight forwarders are charged with moving freight and taking care of customers. Not an easy job, especially recently.

Remarkably, here’s what these operators do every time a shipping document hits their inbox.

First, they open the attachment to review the pages and look for reference numbers. Then they open up their forwarding system and keystroke one of the document references to search for the corresponding shipment. Then they might manually update shipment details such as ETA or accrued costs.

Finally, operators need to split the document attachment into separate files corresponding to different document types and attach those files to the shipment. This final document splitting/indexing/attaching step often takes several minutes.

In many cases, operators print out documents. Not because they’re silly, but because it’s easier to perform certain steps with hard copies instead of PDFs.

Best case, operators get interrupted and distracted multiple times per day and spend valuable time doing rote, repetitive work. And when operators are on vacation, out sick or behind schedule. You guessed it, documents sit.

This problem exists at every single freight forwarder, including the largest, most sophisticated competitors in the industry.

These days, time is as precious a commodity as the goods being shipped. If you're ready to automate the mundane and accelerate growth, we're here for you.