BravoTran Introduces Freight Forwarders to an Automation Platform

6月 08, 2021The Wheels Report

BravoTran, Inc. has announced the official launch of its company and the release of new document management and automation platform for freight forwarders.

As a direct spinout from HubTran, which TriumphPay just acquired for $97 million, BravoTran is entirely focused on freight forwarders and presently services several industry giants, including Yusen Logistics and AWA Logistics.

BravoTran's strong track record in freight automation is led by a team of logistics and technology experts. The cloud-based platform routes incoming documents automatically, extracts information, automates operations and accounting tasks, and syncs with clients' forwarding apps.

"We transformed the logistics sector in North America. BravoTran is now prepared to service freight forwarders, "says Matt Bernstein, the company's founder and CEO. "Our platform combines artificial intelligence, OCR, and smart workflow to achieve unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency."

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