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The BravoTran team has deep industry and technology experience.


Tom is a firm believer of the Abraham Maslow adage: “To the man who only has a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.”

This translates into Tom’s everyday practice by reminding him that one solution can’t possibly solve every problem. That’s why Tom was inspired by BravoTran’s ability to bring just the right tools to the freight forwarding world. He saw what BravoTran can do to overcome massive business challenges and it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

After graduating magna cum laude from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, Tom spent years helping high-profile clients overcome their most challenging problems as a principal at the Boston Consulting Group.

Tom’s unique background in innovation strategy, intellectual property and cutting-edge product development enables him to find ways to add value and bring clarity in the most unexpected ways.


Matt Bernstein

Non-executive Chairman and Advisor

Matt believes that every revolution begins with a vision for something greater.

When Matt worked in logistics and technology companies early in his career, he could see that something was missing. He knew there was a better way to make transportation companies more efficient and profitable.

All paths Matt took in his career have led him to where he is today: founding, then successfully selling HubTran, leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies like GE, ArcelorMittal and RR Donnelley. Advising clients on supply chain strategy at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. An MBA with honors from the Harvard Business School and a BA, magna cum laude, from Duke University.

Armed with years of knowledge and experience, Matt is a leader prepared to help BravoTran revolutionize the way transportation companies do business.


Mike is a firm believer that the best technical achievements come from solving complex problems with a clear, well-thought-out solution.

With a history of building software in various industries, Mike brings unique insights to BravoTran. Mike learned to abstract his development processes working through use cases in healthcare, labor organizing and office productivity.

Prior to joining BravoTran, Mike worked at startups in New Haven, CT, including PatientWisdom and Broadstripes. Before joining the startup scene, he started his career developing applications for mobile devices at DataViz, which was acquired by BlackBerry.

Mike is a unique technical leader because he sees software as a helpful tool, but knows that it also requires communication and vigilance to make sure the end users’ needs are met.

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