Logans Travels: Germany And Greece

7月 06, 2023

Unless you're a global company, nobody goes it alone in logistics. Maybe you built out your network with friends who did work for one of those companies, only to leave for independent operators and keep in touch. More likely, your company was a member of a group or association, either within your own country or as part of a worldwide network.

Those networks function as the backbone of the industry, and as we saw during the pandemic, supported one another and solved challenges nobody's seen or experienced in the modern era. They supported their members through those disruptive times, finding ways for companies to stay connected virtually and delivering technology that made just evolutionary leaps to survive the first few months and then cope with the most frantic and uncontrolled flood of cargo traveling in every direction on the planet for nearly two and a half years.

For all the technology, though, they're most successful when their members can come together in person to meet face to face, shake hands, and at a human and heartfelt level connect with the people who have a shared life experience of what it’s like to work in this business.

Recently, I attended two outstanding events, Transport Logistic, and the Apollo and Atlas Freight Network Meeting, seeing in person for the first time how identical the challenges are for companies in logistics no matter where in the world they're located. All the talk centered around rates, services, and the applications AI can make more efficient.

I flat-out underestimated the number of people attending Transport Logistic, impressed both by the number of new and familiar faces I saw, plus the effect of multiple days consuming German beer and Bavarian pretzels on the comfort of a suit as the trip progressed. It was humbling to find new friends eager to meet someone from BravoTran and excited to learn more about our company and services. It was global in the truest sense of the word. In one of the many massive exhibition halls in Munich, I met companies there from Latin America to Oceania, I had surprise meetings with people from every corner of the world. We found ourselves discussing the pillars of logistics; those fundamental principles that everyone in logistics learned went straight to h*ll when challenged by a global pandemic but were rebuilt only through creativity, ingenuity and dedication.

So many companies were eager to talk about their accounting processes, automation, and BravoTran's comprehensive services and offerings. The pandemic's remote and hybrid work changes meant that entire departments of people who manually received and/or processed invoices needed to move into the cloud, and BravoTran allows them to do just that. Scalability, transparency, compliance, exception management, and redeploying qualified talent on high-value jobs and projects were all on the table. Discussions revolved around building customizable technology that offers seamless integration, saves time, removes cost, and enhances security. In an environment where there were more people than I could hope to meet, I heard the buzz surrounding BravoTran.

People want to see their teams focus on the higher value and revenue-generating tasks like delivering personal service and continuously improving their knowledge and expertise. Allowing automation, AI and ML to carry the burden of the mundane, we preserve the human touch for the people connections that define our industry.

As our founder and CEO Matt Bernstein is fond of saying, "Automate the mundane." That's what BravoTran does.

On a smaller scale, the concerns were the same at the Apollo and Atlas Freight Network Meeting. This contingent of thirty people from around the globe talked about automation, accounting, and support services. They wanted to look at ways to meet the group's collective needs while securing customizable, scalable services that fit the AAA Freight Network. BravoTran was the obvious answer.

Our ability to build packages and incorporate solutions for aligned companies sets us apart from the competition. BravoTran understands that in a private, global network, member companies are each bringing their own technology. For those networks, BravoTran can provide a lightweight, cloud-based front end interface that allows network members to utilize our features within their own tech stacks.

For freight forwarders, the payables process is a costly bottleneck with mountains of paperwork, data entry, and hours spent resolving endless exceptions. Regardless of size, need, or complexity, BravoTran has a solution to suit your business. Our leading-edge technology guarantees end-to-end automation and a unique workflow streamlining exception resolution. If you’re ready to automate the mundane and dramatically reduce overhead, error, and delay, contact BravoTran today.